Hours in Oxford

This is my first attempt at a “found poem,” in which every phrase was taken from another article or articles.  In this case, it was a single article from the New York Times that can be found here.

It starts with learning centuries.

The lodging houses comfort

on any day brilliant students that sought

sustenance and traditional pubs—

it’s always precisely

half the price to remember them better.

Watch the clock, though:

it’s a darkish den that attracts

coffins and mummies before

the prize museum was rebuilt

(with significantly less success).


The “devil’s toast” at dinner for two

asked the same question in 1645,

buried away on a back road—

but no worries, they’ve been upgraded

since then. Bike down the path

and the river will lead you back to town

if you pretend you’re tired

outside under the willow tree.

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